How to use Bus Company Simulator?

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What you need to know about the new addon

  • After choosing a trip, check on the computer were the bus is that you want to take (which depot and which parking spot)

There are 2 types of permissions (replaces route licenes system):

  • Map – you need to drive one line on map with spontaneous function and pay the fee that is needed (for example this cost for X10 is 1859€ and for Fictional Szczezin it was over 2k)
  • Buses – same with each bus, if you drive a bus that you don’t have permission to, it costs €300 (At lest for Scania Citywide and Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid)

To get the permission, you need to drive the map and bus at least once and earn rating over 60% and not damages or passenger hits. Unless you have the permission you have to pay every time to use it. So for your first bus and map I suggest picking something you know that works for you.

  • All bills need to be payed in 7 days (speed camera tickets, permission payments etc)
  • If you have issues with collision, turn them off, because repairing busses will be quite hard
  • If you have any issues with the addon, support centre is located at
  • To create a shortcut for the addon, navigate to OMSI folder, enter Busbetrieb-Simulator and create shortcut of Launcher.exe – otherwise you will need to right click on the OMSI in steam and select Launch Busbetrieb Simulator
  • Java still needs to be installed on the computer.
  • Adding new maps and busses will all depend on how much you guys drive because in contrast to AOD owning maps will drain money every month, busses need to be maintained and taxes need to be payed every month.
  • There is no application drive like in AOD
  • If your UI crashes and steams says OMSI is running, but task manager doesn’t show it, search for omsiSchnittstelle.exe under detailed and kill that. Additionally you can look for any running java applications
  • The button to end the trip is “Terminate tour” and it now closes OMSI itself if you don’t choose to continue
  • According to my information ranks won’t be transferred from AOD, but you can transfer your unused Reward points and money
  • There are no privately owned busses in the new addon’s company.
  • Fleet page now shows in which depot busses are and also has the depot map.

Small tutorials

Tutorial #1: How to take a trip & get permission