How to install mods?

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First, you need to familiarise yourself with how the OMSI 2 folder looks like. IF you open it you will notice layout like this:

Explorer 2017-06-27 01-12-06.png

The main folders what mods can use:

  • Vehicle mods: Fonts, Vehicles & some also Sounds or Textures
  • Repaints: Vehicles
  • Map mods: Fonts, maps, Money, Sceneryobjects, Splines, Sounds, TicketPacks, Trains, Texture, Vehicles

Usually when you download the mod it has already the correct structure in its .7z, .rar or .zip (to extract these you need program like 7-zip) root, for some you need to enter few folders until you see folders labeled similarly to what was show above, for example here is how Bowdenham V4 download file looks like

7zFM 2017-06-27 01-15-09.png

As you can see from the 7-zip url, I needed to enter 4 folders before reaching to correct location. If you have reached the correct location, just unzip those contents into OMSI 2 folder. Usually if it asks for overwrite, allow it.

Some maps and vehicles require some other mods or DLCs to be installed, make sure to read included readme's or check the original download page.

Mod should now be installed

  • Some downloads don't use the correct folder format. In that case you need to know what the download was, for example:

Repaints: Unpack into Vehicles\<Bus name>\Texture\Werbung (last folder depends on certain bus)
Vehicles: Unpack into Vehicles folder
(Scenery)objects: Unpack into Sceneryobjects folder
Splines/junections: Unpack into Splines folder