Custom keyboard configuration

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Keyboard keybinds

You can find the following keyboard binds in OMSI for your keyboard and steering wheel.

Door 1 - bus_doorfront0
Door 2 - bus_doorfront1
Incase of default MAN buses, door 1 is first door's front side and door 2 is back side
Door 3 - bus_doorfront2
Door 4 - bus_doorfront2
Door 5 - bus_doorfront5
All doors (for example SU buses) - door_all

GameBurrow's keyboard configuration

Several people have asked my to release my keyboard settings.

What's changed?

Door controls

Shift + Num1 (until Num4) - Door open/close (Num 1 - door 1, Num 2 - door 2 etc. Configured up to 4 doors)
Shift + Num0 - open/close all doors (for buses that support it for example the Solaris Urbino MOKI dashboard buses)
Shift + Num Enter - Station brake


Download the new settings here: