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Our company is operating on following maps:

In-use maps

Map Link Notes & needed addons
Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated by davidm2412 Downloads Hamburg DLC & Flirt Train AI,Static MAN F90 LKW,Optional Airport Express line (ALX replacement), Extended 23 & E from old map back and Nigth Express version for AE & Extended 23
Bad Kinzau 3.0 by pBuch Download here N/A
Berlin-Spandau Comes with game N/A
BoTW v2.9 (RHD) by UKDT Download Required: London Citybus C400R
Bowdenham V4 by dazza1980 Download (Mirror #1) Read in the readme of the mod.
Cotterell (RHD) by UKDT Download Required bus Volvo B9TL
Chicago Downtown by Darius Bode Buy from Steam N/A
Exprss 91.06 by Mani Kommoula Download from Steam N/A
Felsheim V1.03 by ICEkalt Download (Direct link) Requires Hamburg DLC
Fikcyjny Szczecin V2 by MrYanke$ Download map here (Direct link) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS MAP WITHOUT COLLISION FIX WHICH IS LISTED DOWN BELOW
Gehrten V2 by Roland15 Download (Archive link, Direct download) N/A
Gothenburg V1.0 Download N/A
HafenCity – Hamburg modern by Darius Bode Buy from Steam If you own the original Hamburg map then those lines are present on this map also.
Krefrath V3 by Lejaro Download (Archive link, direct download) N/A
Krummenaab Updated by Tarik K Download (Archive link) Required: Beta version of the map + LED Ampeln + Busdriver1997's Objects & Tettau (Tettau archive link)
Lemmental V3 Updated by Schleswig-Holstein Download Needed addons
Metropole Ruhr by Kevin Nitschmann Buy the DLC from Steam N/A
Poznan 3.0a by Pitoras Download (Mirror #1) Duplicate folder tła Bogucin and rename the copy to tla Bogucin (note the strike in l letter, so both original and new one exists) in Sceneryobjects\Poznan_70 folder
Rheinhausen by Halycon Media Buy from Steam N/A
Rhurau 2.0 by Der SIMUlant Download Hamburg DLC,  our fleet pack or MB Facelift with Morphi sounds, Stadler Flirt, DAF XF 105

Städtedreieck V3 by Das Städtedreieck-Team

Download (Mirror #1) Requires BMO Objekte + repaints + addon pack + more things from readme

Scunthorpe 2016 (RHD) by mrmoose

Download Needed addons on the map page.

Tettau V1.0 by Tristan98 & LVB Fan12

Download Requires MB O307. Click for download

Waldhofen V1.0 by davidm2412

Download N/A

X10 Berlin by Halycon Media

Buy the DLC from Steam N/A

Yorkshire Counties 2.0 by Sylar

Download Everything written on download page. DO NOT RUN THIS MAP WITH COLLISIONS ENABLED!

Removed maps

Map Link Notes & needed addons
Ahlheim & Laurenzbach by davidm2412 Download full package here with our extras Hamburg DLCMap will be removed after September due to new version being released
Belen V4 by xHESx Download N/A
Bremen-Nord by Halycon Media Buy from Steam N/A
Gladbeck by Kevin Nitschmann Buy the DLC from Steam Replaced by Metropole Ruhr, will be removed after July 2018
Hamburg & Hamburg Innovationsline by Darius Bode and Barbara Bode Buy the DLC from Steam N/A
Manningen V1.1 by Vetemyöl Install instructions License will not be extended past Janurary
Städtedreieck V2.1 by Das Städtedreieck-Team Download Requires MB O530 and a lot more things

*RHD – it means it’s the right hand drive map like UK, AU, JAP etc. Only RHD buses can be used on it.

Known issues & fixes

If you install Lemmental after Ahlheim, Ahlheim gets messed up, you will need to reinstall Ahlheim, then both maps will work.

Lemmental V3 Updated

In order for the special traffic lights to work properly, you must COPY the folder “script” from “OMSI2/Sceneryobjects/Verkehrszeichen_MC” folder to “OMSI2/Sceneryobjects/Helferlein_Objekte” folder. Then the traffic light should work. EDIT: Not needed if you’re using Fulley’s full package.

Fikcyjny Szczecin V2

Invisible walls fix for FS (by kerts93):

V1.0: Download hereMirror link #1 Just drag and drop insides of that zip into OMSI folder.

Map improvement (by kerts93 & Fulleylove)

Includes the collision fix from above, includew Fulleylove’s company AI list. Adds Hamburg, X10 and Vienna street vehicles. Brings back the trams from the Projekt Szcecin and fixes the errors that BCS showed on launch
Download V1.0: Download here (needs Hamburg, X10 and Wien 2 DLCs, use the link below to use nonDLC version)
Download V1.0 without Hamburg, X10 & Vienna vehicles: Download here
Note: This will replace any AI-list changed you have made.

Ahlheim & Laurenzbach

Performance boost around Ahlheim Hauptbahnhof and Laurenzbach Terminus: Patch: Download here Note: This will replace any AI-list changed you have made. To fix this just remove this from the ZIP.

Krummenaab Updated

Requires an AI fix due to a bug in the default AI-list. Patch: Download here