Trial buses: MB Citaro C2Ü & C2K (3-door)

At the end of old year, we are putting into effect a new system for acquiring new buses. I’m calling it trial buses. Basically these buses will be put into company on lease and they won’t get company colors before later on. Why would I do this? There are several reasons, why a bus can end up as trial bus:

  • We just don’t have time to repaint it or there are complications with doing that – this means you can drive the bus way sooner compared to previously after requesting it and we think it may be suitable.
  • We aren’t sure if adding the bus is financially viable in the company

This system allows us to see how the buses perform before buying them out completely and painting them. Of course, not all buses will go through this process, there are some, that will still be denied immediately and some, that will be added immediately.

First 2 trial buses

So, the 2 first trial buses: MB Citaro C2 Ü from Rheinhausen DLC and & MB Citaro C2K (that requires Wuppertal DLC). Both buses are in depot 3 as that had most space (currently all trial buses will be put there for the same reason).
C2K I opted for 3-door versions due to that being reccomended (it indeed felt a bit more polished than 2D version) and I felt it would be nice change of pace to have 3-door small bus for once.

Like always, info of the buses are one fleet page.