Statistics of September ´18

Interested in knowing how maps are used in our company? Take a look at this:

In summary:

Maps that earn us most

Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated (173,695€/month)
Bowdenham (54,589€/month)
Städtedreieck 3 (23,895€/month)
Fictional Szczezin (22,350€/month)
Krefrath (22,279€/month)

How do we calculate this? We take the income in last 90days and divide it by 3 to get avg monthly income. We then take of the cost to extend the map.

Maps that cost us the most

Ruhr (-21,462€/month)
Rheinhausen (-7,739€/month)
Hamburg – Hafencity (-6,766€/month)
Chicago (-1,138€/month)