New bus: MAN LC A21 3D & repaint updates for all V3D LCs

We have added a new bus MAN Lion’s City A21 3-Door Euro 6 Poland version. Author of it is Sobol who based it on V3D versions. He has a lot more versions in the works:–21044

We for sure will be adding one of the 15m versions, one of the articulated versions and one of the short versions (smaller than 12m) to the company once he releases them.

Additionally together with this, I’ve released an update to all existing V3D buses in the company: A20, A21 2-D, A37.

Biggest change you will notice is that A37 no longer has that extra structure on the roof, I decided to remove that as it’s meant for Hybrid version of the buses, but we have normal diesel as no hybrid version has been released + it proved to be too high for some maps like for example Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated.

Repaint is one single pack for all of the buses mentioned in this post, you can download the new repaint pack & the new bus from our fleet page. V3D Pack V2 is the repaint pack name, you can find it after any of the buses. Additionally the new bus & repaints have been added to full fleet download (will take a while like always to sync)