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A virtual trucking company for ATS and ETS 2

SCS: International Christmas Gifts Delivery Event 2018

SCS once again is hosting Christmas delivery events for both ETS 2 & ATS. More can be read on their blog: overhauled has received an mayor overhaul. Due to that, several links have changed. Company link: Logit link: Live map link: Links on the homepage have also been updated.

SCS future plans

Somebody compiled a list of SCS Software’s plans from their Steam livestream: Things of note from the SCS stream from trucksim

Company convoy cancelled due to me being ill

I have decided to postpone today’s company convoy as I’m still ill and wouldn’t be able to properly attend myself. Fulley is also offline with his PC issues and I have no info about the rest of the managers – due to all the we are postponing the event until further notice. I’m sorry about…
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Our first company convoy this Friday!

This is a GO Haulage virtual’s first company convoy. Company members and their friends only! We start off in our HQ (Garage not Service station) Malmö, Sweden and proceed to Berlin, Germany, our secondary HQ to pick up our members who don’t have the Scandinavian DLC. Destination will be chosen once we reach Berlin. Server…
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HQ locations added

We have added HQ locations for our VTC. In case of events they will start from our HQs. Our European primary HQ is located ad Malmö, Sweden. Because it’s a DLC part of the map, we added secondary one also which is Berlin, Germany – near the Malmö HQ. Our American HQ is located at…
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ETS 2 repaint selected

Thank you everybody for voting! I’ve been monitoring the results quite closely and it has been quite close call all the way, these are the final results of your votes: As you can see the call was quite close. I discussed this with Fulley, should we go with: Non-DLC one with Blackpool_Dev and DLC one…
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Select your favorite repaints for ETS 2!

All repaints are listed here: I added votes according to author’s names. If author posted several versions I’ve added it as v1 and v2, starting from top of the post. Vote for non-DLC version here: Vote for Heavy DLC version here:

GO Haulage website now open & truck design contest

We have published the first version of GO Haulage website. There’s still work to do, but it’s now usable. Additionally we would like to ask your help. We want you to design our trucks, both for ETS 2 & ATS! We are also interested in designs for MP, since having custom paintjobs there is a…
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