Invited to convoy: Coca Cola Christmas convoy 2018

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Invited to convoy: Coca Cola Christmas convoy 2018

Our company received an invite to Coca Cola Christmas Convoy 2018 for ETS 2.

Event will take place in the evening of 21.12.2018.

If you are interested in taking part of the event,
signup on ETS2C:
And let us know in our internal poll also:

Original message below:

Dear GO Group Virtual,

We would like to invite you to our Coca Cola Christmas Convoy 2018. This will be a 3 year and probably the last Coca Cola Christmas Convoy in Truckers MP history. Therefore we decided to make this convoy one of the “almost” biggest convoys in Truckers MP history and therefore need participants! 

This convoy was founded by Lucas Peterbilt in year 2016 and became a successful convoy with over 170 participants. But Lucas Peterbilt decided to found a new convoy in 2017 which was successful again! Through our proud and hard work what we have achieved, Lucas Peterbilt will now organize a very, very large convoy in 2018 which will also be the last convoy as Lucas Peterbilt for personal reasons has no more time for it. 

All information can be found in the appendix or below: “Social Links

We look forward to seeing you with your company on the convoy!

Supported by:
​@Lucas Peterbilt (Founder/CEO)
@RayRay5 (Convoy-Disposition)
@ConSec-Group (Convoy-Control/Leader)

Social Links:

​Best regards
Lucas Peterbilt

E-mail sent to [email protected] on 11.12.2018