ETS 2 repaint selected

A virtual trucking company for ATS and ETS 2

ETS 2 repaint selected

Thank you everybody for voting!

I’ve been monitoring the results quite closely and it has been quite close call all the way, these are the final results of your votes:

As you can see the call was quite close. I discussed this with Fulley, should we go with:

  • Non-DLC one with Blackpool_Dev and DLC one mine to try to be equally to top contestants
  • Both mine, because then both versions would look similar

Now, it may feel like an ass move, but I’ve decided to go with option 2 for the reason stated above + if I add in my votes (I didn’t actually vote), the result would be the same. If you guys disagree with my reasoning, please do let me know as this is our company, not only mine 🙂

So the results are:

However, these are only “official versions”, we do not force you to use them. You can use different alternations, but the recommendation is to at least use the same colors.