We promised bigger news after the holidays? Here you go.

For a while now we have been having a plan to extend our operatinons into other games also 🙂 Our next step is VTC for American Truck Simulator  & Euro Truck Simulator 2. More details will be announced once we become closer to opening.

You can already join the VTC, we are using Virtual Truck Log, which has it’s own auto-sync client also (which you don’t need to run separately)

Additionally, thanks to this you problably have already noticed, we have a new global name:
GO Group Virtual, which currently splits into GO Bus Virtual and GO Haulage Virtual.

Due to this, our website has received an upgrade also:
GO Group Virtual (https://gogroupvirtual.eu/)
This is our new splash site and will host our main news, forums, wiki etc. Still W.I.P.
| – Global news, that affects every part of our group here
| – Forums (https://gogroupvirtual.eu/forum/)
| – Wiki (https://gogroupvirtual.eu/wiki/)
| – GO Bus Virtual (https://gogroupvirtual.eu/omsi/)
This is basically our old website, just forum and wiki taken out of it.
| – GO Haulage Virtual (Not ready yet)
This will include information about our VTC, once it ready.

Due to this, you can experience bugs here and there, do let us know. Also all the old URLs are directing to the new URLs for at least and year.

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